What does Mid Mean on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter?

Lately you might have come across many comments that say nothing but just this 3 letter word Mid in various platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter. Therefore you might be wondering what exactly does this term Mid means. Well worry not, we have got you covered in this article….

Discovering comments saying Mid in unexpected places on TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter , Facebook and Instagram is perfectly common these days. To be honest, the term has become so saturated these days that you can see some of these comments in every other TikTok Video or Social Media Posts. Please, check out this post till the conclusion to fully understand what does Mid Mean on TikTok and other social media platforms.

What Does Mid Mean on TikTok?

Mid is a short and popular way of describing something average. The Term Mid is just a trendy way of indicating something is average. This term is also used by Internet trolls to insult an opposing opinion labelling them as average.

As a result, this phrase is used to indicate something that is subpar. As a result, if someone asks if it is a positive sign, the answer is strongly NO! However, it is not necessarily a bad indicator. Simply said, mediocre refers to anything average be it a movie, TV Series or a game, from the perspective of the person who commented.

Given that many people use TikTok to showcase a talent, hack, or anything they’re proud of, hearing that a video is “mid” is plainly undesired. What’s worse about this offensive new terminology is that people are using it to make fun of one another’s appearance in the comments area. This uncalled conduct is really unsurprising, therefore it’s best to ignore it.

Internet Trolls on TikTok are simply waiting to pounce on that new hair trick you’ve been trying. You just cannot allow the skeptics to triumph. Just ignore them and don’t give them any attention, they will eventually get fed up. And even if they don’t just block the people who keep on commenting Mid on your Tiktok Videos.

What Does Mid Mean on Twitter?

If you’ve seen the comment Mid used in Twitter tweets or comments and are wondering what it means, the term “mid” refers to something that is mediocre. It’s not necessarily horrible, but it’s also not very excellent. It’s just average.

Just Like on Tiktok, the Twitter users also spam this word to insult and degrade other people’s choice and taste. So its better to ignore such trolls and focus on what you are doing. If these comments are spammed all over your account, then you can simply block Twitter Accounts who keep on commenting Mid on your Tweets, and opinions.

What Does Mid mean on Facebook?

Just like Twitter and TikTok, Mid comments on Facebook hold the same meaning. The comments Mid simply refer to something as mediocre. According to the author of those comments, the subject they have commented on is not that horrible, but not that great either. So it’s just in between, hence why it is labelled as Mid by the comment author.

Mid simply means somewhere in Middle. Not at the bottom but not at the Top either. So Mid is just a short form of Middle which Internet trolls excessively these days to disregard and insult opposing people’s opinion and theories.

Use of Mid on Anime Topics

Anime fans with a superiority complex who feel that every popular program is uninteresting and instead try to persuade you to watch unpopular shows dubbed “peak fiction.

They rename shows by replacing the letters with Mid in this way:

Midruto, mid piece, mid note, assault on mid, mid slayer, mid art online, midland saga, jojo’s mid adventures, mid exorcist, midtail, full mid alchemist, midkyuu, mid clover, bunny mid senpai, dragon mid ball, the promised midland

Other example would be:

Person A: Hey have you seen Naruto? It is my favorite Anime.

Person B: You mean Midruto? It’s not even under my Top 100 Anime Category.

In this case, the person B not only labels the Naruto Anime as Mid but also insults and disrespects Person A’s opinion and choices.

Wrapping Up: What Does Mid Mean on Tiktok and other platforms?

Use of the Term Mid is increasing by day as trolls are spamming it on every other video. While it makes sense to label something as Mid which in itself is not that good and could have been made better, but to comment this term on even fairly good videos and posts, series, is totally foolish.

So beware of such trolls and don’t give them attention as that’s what they crave, Attention!