Does Your Location On Snapchat Disappear When Your Phone Dies?

So Does Your Location On Snapchat Disappear When Your Phone Dies? There are times when our phone battery runs out completely and switches off incase we weren’t able to recharge it. So in such situations what happens to your location displayed on the Snapchat App?

Does the location signal also disappear? Or the location sign doesn’t go away? If it doesn’t go away then does it display your location at the last place your phone switched off? You might be wondering these questions regarding your Snapchat Location right? Don’t worry we have got you covered in this article. In this article we will let you know what happens to your Location on Snapchat when your Phone dies out.

Does Your Location On Snapchat Disappear When Your Phone Dies?

Nope, your Location on Snapchat won’t disappear when your Phone Dies. The Bitmoji will still be displayed on the Snap Map even if your Phone runs out of battery and switches off.

This being said, your Bitmoji might still disappear from Snapchat for same cases. Number one being prolonged inactiveness on the App. If you are inactive on Snapchat for a prolonged time, anything above 7 hours then your Bitmoji might disappear from the App and your location will no longer be displayed.

This is because, if you haven’t launched the Snapchat App for 7 or more hours than, the App automatically assumes that you no longer need your friends to know about your location. Hence the reason why your Bitmoji disappears from the Snap Map.

Now you might be wondering what location will be displayed on the Snap Map if my Phone Dies?

We have already established that your Bitmoji or the Location Icon will still be displayed on the Snap Map even if your phone dies out for atleast 7 hours.

Now what location or place will be displayed on the Snap Map during the duration when you weren’t able to turn on your phone?

The last location where your Phone was On and was connected to Internet will be shown on the Snap Map. Incase you had been disconnected with Internet even before the Phone died, then the location that will be displayed on the Snap Map is that location when you were connected to the Internet last time.

What happens to a Snap Map when your phone is dead?

Only your most recent Snapchat activity is tracked by the Snap Map when your Phone is dead. You will appear on the Snap Map at the location you were at five hours ago, regardless of where you are right now, and it will say that you were last seen five hours ago if your phone is on but you haven’t used Snapchat in that time.

Others will therefore be able to see your previous location and the time you last used Snapchat, even if your phone is off. But you won’t show up on the Snap Map if it has been more than 8 hours since you last used Snapchat.

While Sleeping does the Bitmoji disappear from Snap Map?

The Snap Map is aware of when it gets dark where you live. Snap Map will assume you are sleeping if you are inactive for several hours and it is nighttime where you are, and your Bitmoji will change to reflect this assumption.

Your Bitmoji will completely vanish after 7 hours of inactivity (regardless of whether you are sleeping or not) and won’t reappear until you open the app again.

How does Location Work in Snapchat?

Location on Snapchat is represented by Snap Map. The way the Snap Map functions is by displaying all of your contacts who are nearby as Bitmojis on a map.

Additionally, you can view your contacts’ stories and snaps directly from the map.
It’s a fantastic way to keep up with your contacts. It’s also a fantastic way to inform your contacts of your location and availability.

If you are uncomfortable with sharing your location to everyone or a few specific people on your friend list then you can adjust a few privacy settings to make sure you’re happy with the way your information is shown:

  • Only Me/Ghost Mode: No one else can see your location on the Snap Map. On the other hand, you are able to see other people.
  • My Friends: Only your friends can see your location on Snap Map.
  • Choose Friends: You have the option to specify which friends will be shown your location.


Does the Location On Snapchat Disappear When Your Phone Dies?

No, the Location won’t disappear. Since Snapchat isn’t liked to your phone battery in any way, your Bitmoji won’t disappear from the map if it runs out of power. Obviously, your Snap map won’t be updated, but your Bitmoji won’t disappear either.

Does Bitmoji go away during Night?

If you have location enabled on Snap, even if you aren’t using the app or your phone is dead, your bitmoji will still be available for 6 hours. Same goes for Night when you’re asleep.