How to Mention Everyone in Facebook Messenger?

If you didn’t know already then you will know it now about this new amazing Facebook Messenger feature. Facebook Messenger now allows its user to mention everyone in a Facebook Chat group with just one word. Isn’t this really amazing? Of Course it is!

Now without any further ado, let’s dive right into today’s topic that is How to Mention Everyone in Facebook Messenger?

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How to Mention Everyone in Facebook Messenger Group?

To Mention every member on a Facebook Messenger Group at Once, you just have to type @everyone on the Messenger Group Chat of your choice. Doing this will not only mention all of the participants in that Facebook Group but will also send a notification on their phone stating they have been mentioned.

Steps to Mention Everyone in Facebook Messenger Group:

  • Open Your Facebook Messenger Application
  • Visit the Facebook Group Chat where you want to Mention All the Members
  • Now just Type @everyone
  • This will trigger and mention all of the members on the Facebook Group Chat in Question
  • Now just below @everyone , you can type the important piece of information which you want to convey to all of the Facebook Group Members
  • Congrats, you have successfully everyone on the Messenger Group

Steps to Mention Everyone in Facebook Web:

  • To mention Everyone on Facebook Web…
  • First and foremost open Facebook on your preferred browser be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any other
  • After you have logged in to your Facebook Account, click at the Messages or Inbox Section
  • Now Search For the Facebook Chat Group where you want to Mention Everyone
  • After you have searched the Group, open that Group Chat
  • Just Like in Facebook Messenger App, here also Type @everyone
  • Now send the piece of notice to all the members.

This is a very handy and reliable feature as it allows you to send message to every individual in the group while also sending them a notification. With that mention tag and notification, the members at the very least will have the message delivered to them once they check their phone.

Previously when this feature to tag everyone using @everyone was not available, most of the times the group messages would go unnoticed. Since it’s a hassle to tag every other member on the group if it has many members, so we just left the message on the group without mentioning or tagging anyone.

The main problem with this method was that, once more messages were sent in the group, the main information which you were trying to convey would have disappeared already. But with this tagging feature @everyone, you can mention all group members at once on Facebook Messenger.

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How To Mention Everyone in a Facebook Group Chat?

To Mention Every Member in a Facebook Group Chat just type @everyone in the chat box. This will mention and tag all of the members on that particular messenger group.

How to Mention Everyone in Facebook Messenger App?

Open the Messenger Group where you would like to mention everyone. Now just type @everyone on the chat box.

Do I need to mention all members on Facebook Group Chat?

You don’t need to mention every other member on a Facebook Group Chat now. Now that Facebook has rolled out their new feature for mentioning all members at once, you can just use that feature. The trick is to Type @everyone on the Chat box.

This feature has made life easier for large Group Chat members where important information has to shared frequently.


After having read this article carefully, I believe that now you can also easily mention all members on the Group Chat at Once. Thank you for visiting this Article.