How to Enable Windows 11 Notepad Dark Mode

How to Enable Windows 11 Notepad Dark Mode? Incase you didn’t know already, now you can enable Dark Mode on your Notepad finally if you are on Windows 11.

Finally the New windows 11 notepad app comes with significant ui improvements and today in this Article we are going to discuss them all. So without further ado let’s get started with the Article…

The previous notepad app was pretty similar to what you see in the windows 10 notepad app. The ui isn’t changed in any significant way. The new notepad app built specially for windows 11 featuring new fluent design matches the rest of windows 11 ui and finally they have introduced dark mode into the notepad application.

How to Enable Windows 11 Notepad Dark Mode?

Let’s examine how to make Notepad in Windows 11 use a dark theme. I’ll demonstrate 2 methods for enabling Notepad’s dark mode.

You can choose a mode in Windows 11 by setting it to Light, Dark, or Custom. The colors that appear in Windows and even in your applications are altered by each mode.

On Windows 11, you can select your color mode by going to Personalization > Colors. When you launch Notepad with the Windows 11 color mode set to Dark, the dark mode will already be activated.

Be sure to use the most recent Notepad app version. Launch Notepad to view the changes, then open the Microsoft Store app to check for updates.

The most recent Notepad app version supports the dark mode. To manually update Notepad to the most recent version, visit the Microsoft Store.

Update the Notepad application version if you discover the Update option for it. You are using the most recent version if you don’t see an update option for the Notepad app.

The dark mode is automatically applied when you open the updated Notepad program. Since you’ve changed the Windows 11 system theme to Dark, Notepad has also adopted the dark theme.

In comparison to the light theme, the Notepad dark theme has a nicer appearance and a better feel.

If your Windows 11 system theme is set to Light, for example, Notepad will use those settings. Does this imply that the Windows 11 color mode must always be set to dark?

Absolutely not, you can still enable dark theme for Notepad and other applications even if you have Windows 11’s color mode set to Light.

Open the Notepad program, then select the Settings icon.
Select the desired app theme by clicking the App Theme button on the Notepad app’s settings page. Select the App Theme option to Dark to enable the dark theme for the notepad app. The dark theme for Notepad is enabled right away by this setting.

Hence in this way one can easily enable Dark Mode on Notepad if you are on Windows 11.

Notepad To Dark Mode in Windows 11

IF you set windows 11 theme to the dark mode and notepad stays pretty much white at all the times, the reason behind this one is the old notepad application.

So you have to update it to the latest one and let’s see how the new notepad app looks and feels like so going into the settings into the windows update we are going to update it to the latest windows insider build available .

Click on install now so after your update is complete, open up your microsoft store and here in the library click on get updates and you can see lot of new updates are available for all the apps so not just the notepad but other apps are being updated as well.

Now that your notepad is installed, let’s open it up and see what’s new here. So apart from the rounded corners, here we have a status bar and here is our file menu. Everything looks pretty similar to the old one. Also in the edit menu you can see pretty much all the same options right in the view tab there is a zoom in and zoom out function shortcut for that is control plus and control minus.

If you go into the settings there is application theme into which you can set light dark or system theme and honestly the dark theme is really helpful especially during the night times also to make the visibility much more better.

You can set the font size and now the text look much more clear than before also you can add the current date or time by simply going into the edit tab there is option time slash date also there is a control plus to zoom and control minus to zoom out also you can do the word wrap and just to match the dark theme you can get this cool dark wallpaper for the windows 11.