How to Contact Menulog Customer Support?

Been wondering how to contact Menulog Customer Support Australia? Don’t worry, we will have this query related to Menulog covered in this Article.

Menulog is a mobile application based Food Delivery platform in Australia just like DoorDash and Uber Eats in United States. Menulog offers great choice of different restaurants as well as cuisines all across the nation.

Now without any further ado, let’s get back to today’s query, which is how to contact Menulog Customer Support? We will provide you with different ways with which you will be able to get in touch with Menulog’s Customer Support Team.

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How to Contact Menulog Customer Support?

You can contact Menulog Customer Support through their phone number or official email address displayed on their Contact Page. You can also message them through the live chat functionality present on their website.

What is Menulog Contact Phone Number?

Since Menulog Live Chat is always accessible, it’s recommended to use the live chat functionality instead of Phone Number to contact them. However if Live Chat isn’t working for you, then you always have the option to call them directly through your mobile phone. Menulog’s Phone Numbers in Australia provided for customers are:

Menulog Phone Number 1 : 1300 974 172

Menulog Phone Number 2 : 1300 664 335

You can use either of these two phone numbers to call Menulog Customer Support Representatives.

Now moving on, you can also contact Menulog through the email address they have provided on their contact page..

What is Menulog Email Address?

The official E-mail Address for support and complaints in Australia is You are allowed to send all sorts of complaints, dissatisfactions, concerns, and any specific queries regarding your Menulog orders through this email.

Keep in mind that, after you send the email, it might take some time for the Menulog Customer Support Team to get back to you with a solution.

Therefore if you need a quick and faster solution to your problem, you can use the Menulog Live Chat feature.

What is Menulog Online Live Chat?

Menulog Live Chat is a feature implemented by Menulog for the customers so that they can reach Menulog Support Team 24/7. This is the best solution for you are facing a small problem which can be resolved by yourselves with some guide from the Menulog Team in Live Chat.

To be able to access the Menulog Live Chat, first you have to Login to your Menulog Account. After you have successfully logged into your Menulog Account, then go to the Help Section Page. There you will see a Live Chat Box where you are supposed to write your queries or concerns.

Use Twitter

Lastly, you can reach out to Menulog through their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just Tweet regarding your query while also mentioning the official Menulog Account. You might get a reply soon on your tweet. You can also ask your questions on the tweets made by Menulog Account.

Well this is it for today regarding How to Contact Menulog Customer Support? Hope your concerns were answered.

About Menulog

Founded in Australia in 2006, Menulog is one of the biggest Food Delivery Platforms in Australia now. The first Menulog branch was established in Sydney and since then, they have continued to grow in numbers all across the country. Menulog now connects millions of active consumers who use their service daily for Foods and beverages.

You can order your Foods through the official Menulog App which can be downloaded from App Store or Play Store.