Can You Do DoorDash with a restricted License?

Can you do DoorDash with a restricted License? If you have been thinking about working for DoorDash but have some concerns regarding your drivers license then don’t worry, we will have you covered on this article.

I guess your Driver’s license was recently restricted for some violations but you might still want to work as a Dasher for DoorDash right? But is it possible to be a Dasher even with a suspended License?

We will answer all of your queries on this Article. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the question…

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Can You Do DoorDash with a restricted License?

No, you cannot work for DoorDash if your License is restricted. DoorDash requires it’s drivers to have a valid and working domestic license with no active violence. Hence, if your Driver’s License has been suspended or restricted, then you cannot do DoorDash.

This in one of the important checks that DoorDash does even during the workers background check when onboarding as a Dasher. The most important skill in this entire Delivery gig economy is to have good driving skills so that you can deliver goods and foods safely in designated time. Therefore, if you don’t have a valid driver’s license then you automatically disqualify to be a Dasher.

Of course, you can still do DoorDash with your bicycle or even by walking. But if you want to DoorDash with a vehicle without having a valid and working Driver’s license, then we are afraid, that’s not possible.

Can You Drive For DoorDash with a Restricted License?

You cannot drive for DoorDash with a Restricted License. One of the important criteria that must be fulfilled by a Dasher before being able to drive for DoorDash is to have a valid License. So if you don’t own a driver’s license yet or your License has been restricted for some reasons, then you cannot Drive for DoorDash.

In short, you must have a full unrestricted driver’s license in order to make the DoorDash deliveries.

Can you Do DoorDash with a conditional License?

You might get to DoorDash with a conditional License depending upon the conditional suspension you got. Whatever the conditional suspension was, DoorDash is sure to find about it in their background check. If it’s something that DoorDash can look over, then you can drive as a Dasher even with a Conditional License.

If you had a more serious incident, then in such cases, DoorDash might not approve your application.

Does DoorDash have License Check Before Onboarding?

When you are going through the initial hiring process, DoorDash does check your license. They do this to confirm that your driver’s license is currently active and free of any restrictions. In addition to checking your license, they run this information through their database to make sure you have a clean as well as clear driving record.

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Another rule of DoorDash is that if you have a driving violation on your record within the last seven years, you are not eligible to become a Dasher. This might include anything connected to driving, like a DUI, excessive speeding, or a car accident.

They carefully scrutinize all of this data before determining whether or not you are eligible to become a Dasher. If you have a spotless record and a current license, DoorDash ought to hire you.

Should I Tell DoorDash my License got restricted?

While you are employed by DoorDash, you must inform them right away if your license is suspended. There is a good chance that they will temporarily suspend your account if you are truthful.

DoorDash will immediately deactivate your account if they discover that you have been operating a vehicle while your license has been suspended. They are able to do this because it is against their policies for drivers to have expired licenses.

They may be kind enough to give you a break and temporarily suspend your account if you are upfront with them and let them know right away. allowing you to resume work after demonstrating the legitimacy of your license.

Obviously, this is the best course of action. Although it’s likely that DoorDash won’t become aware of a suspended license for some time.

Since DoorDash rarely checks licenses after you are hired, these kinds of things can easily go unnoticed.

How can I become a DoorDash Driver?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a spotless driving record to be eligible to drive for DoorDash. You can’t have committed any “major violations” in the previous seven years, specifically. DUI, operating a vehicle while in possession of a suspended or expired license, and failing to stop and report an accident are just a few examples. You will not be allowed to drive for DoorDash if you have committed certain violent crimes.

Additionally, DoorDash mandates that its drivers have a maximum of three “incidents” over the previous three years. Each time you are involved in an accident or receive a moving violation ticket that is not a major violation, DoorDash will count it as an incident. If you get a ticket for a minor moving infraction after an accident, that is the only time this rule is waived. DoorDash views the accident and citation in this instance as a single incident.